High Energy Services Company

xray imaging of complex composite and exotic materials

Whatever problem crops up, we'll find it.

Inservice inspection of:

  • Ship parts and components
  • Offshore oil and gas facilities
  • Subsea and Surface Pipelines
  • Refinery turnarounds
  • Scheduled outages in nuclear power plants
  • Aircraft engines
  • Rocket motors
  • Highway bridges

Land, Sea and Air

radiography nuclear power plant piping, valves and structural inspection

Experience Counts

For the last three decades, HESCO has accumulated in-depth knowledge of many industrial X-ray challenges.

HESCO was established in 1990. By 1992 HESCO had developed the world’s first portable S-band linear accelerator systems. The company has manufactured a total of 19 portable linac systems to date, and now offers both portable and stationary linear accelerator systems. 

What We Do

  • Radiography (RT)
  • Digital Radiography (DT)
  • Real-time X-ray Imaging (RXI),
  • High-speed Digital X-ray Imaging
  • Project planning and consulting


Since 1990, HESCO employees have been responsible for some of the most significant advancements in X-ray detection technology – and there are many more still to come. 



HESCO works in two main areas of inspection. High energy xray inspection for heavy industry such as power plants, bridges, dams, refineries, buildings, rockets, satellites, and low energy xray applications for food inspection, medical, baggage/cargo inspection at airports and contraband at borders and in ports.

HESCO offers engineering and design consultation in all aspects of industrial xray inspection.  Hesco can tailor a system to the specific needs of any product as well as carry out batch analysis on short notice with a portable low energy system.



For over 10 years HESCO has been providing our customers with leading edge solutions for the most advanced x-ray imaging applications.  Through our highly specialized divisions we supply our customers with solutions for any inspection need they may encounter.​​​

X-ray video image of small and large scale rocket motors




693 Whitney Street, San Leandro, CA, United States

From the development and manufacturing of products to marketing, sales, installation, and service, HESCO's experienced and talented team is committed to superior performance in all facets of our business. We are united in our focus on ensuring the Company succeeds and continues as a leader and innovator in the security inspection industry.