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spill Prevention

Deep in the Ocean

Our mission is to develop and deploy a fleet of sub-sea high-energy X-ray inspection systems worldwide.

This inspection system will perform scheduled maintenance and emergency X-ray scanning inspections of the most critical infrastructure of offshore oil production-the flexible riser pipes and end fittings, which provide access to the deepest offshore oil & gas fields.

With this technology in place, cracks and corrosion would be detected at the earliest stages of formation before the defects/flaws propagate. Rather than only relying on complex mathematical "end of life" models to predict when a pipe will fail and/or should be replaced, engineers can correlate these with direct observations over time.

Why is this worthwhile? Flexible riser pipes and end fittings used in deep ocean oil and gas drilling provide the most practical access to deep ocean tracts. However, they also have experienced an approximately 20% failure rate in service worldwide. By the year 2020 HESCO and DEEPSCAN aim to reduce that percentage by an order of magnitude (down to approximately 2%).

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