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Our x-ray systems and services provide real-time xray imaging, high-speed xray, high-energy and low-energy xray, xray videos, and xray linear accelerator manufacturing. Industrial applications for xray radiography include bridge and concrete inspection. 



- Concrete Structures

- Aerospace/Defense  
- Industrial Refineries
- Bridges

- Automotive

HESCO provides cost effective non-destructive field testing services for all types of applications,

Innovation at HESCO is driven by customer demand, market trends and opportunities as well as availability of technologies. 

We have a wide variety of X-Ray machine options available to suit your specific applications.


Xray radiography

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of NDT technicians are available to answer your questions regarding X-Ray solutions or any other industry related issues.

High Energy Services Company


HESCO's previous phone number 510-523-9488

is no longer in service.

Please use our new number 510-568-1380 to contact us!

Inspection Markets Include:


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Nuclear Power Plants

- Port & Border Security
- Offshore Gas & Oil Production
- Composite Materials
- Large Pipes & Castings

HESCO develops and manufactures state of the art portable x-ray systems and performs field inspections for the non-destructive examination of materials and components in various industries.  

HESCO develops and continually improves its technologies to serve applications characterized by a broad range of requirements: from high to low penetration, high dose/low resolution to low dose/high resolution, from single exposure to continuous to highly cyclic in-line operation. HESCO is committed to advancing the technology base so as to help its customers ensure a better and safer future.

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