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Portable and custom built high-energy xray systems

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MODULES for 4, 6, 7.5 & 9 MeV SYSTEMS include:

1.     Accelerator Head (4, 6 or 9 MeV)
2.     X-ray Beam Collimators (set) *
3.     E-Beam Scanning Horn **
4.     Magnetron/R.F. Head
5.     Modulator/Power Supply Unit
6.     Control Console
7.     Safety Interlock Unit
8.     Heat Exchanger Unit
9.     Cables, Hoses & Flexible Waveguide (set)*
10.   Integral Shipping Containers (set)*** 

The system is designed to operate using a 4, 6 or 9 MeV Accelerator Head, using the same Magnetron/R.F. Head, Modulator/Power Supply Unit,  Control Console, Safety Interlock Unit,  Heat Exchanger Unit, Interconnecting Cables
and Cooling Hoses.   
* X-ray Beam Collimators are provided only with
radiographic accelerators. The 9 MeV system uses only a forward beam (0 degree) collimator.
** Scanning Horns are provided only with E-Beam systems   
*** Shipping Containers are provided only with portable systems. 

6 MEV linear accelerator
composite xrays
HESCO designs, manufactures and services both X & S-bandlinear accelerators in both portable and stationary system configurations. Radiographic systems include 4, 6 & 9 MeV Models (HX4, HX6 & HX9). Electron Beam devices are offered only in the 9 MeV Model (HE9).  All HESCO portable accelerators are modular systems, consisting of nine (9) assemblies per machine.